• Profession: RN
  • Specialty: Medical-Surgical
  • Shift: Night Shift - 12 hours, 19:00:00-07:30:00, 12.00-3
  • Start Date: 09/12/2022
  • End Date: 12/12/2022
  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Job Id: 32467640

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is a personnel provider with 14+ years of experience!

SCHEDULE REQUIREMENTS:RTO: MAX 7 days WEEKENDS: 5 to 6 weekend shifts per 6 week scheduleHOLIDAYS: Expected to work 2 out of 3 major holidays if needed FLOATING: Within facility and to sister campus if neededCOMPLIANCE: FULL compliance required to start on time; if not compliant in time the push back is 2 weeks due to bi-weekly orientation scheduleMINIMUM EXPERIENCE: 2 years Med Surg – Unit accepts first time travelersPATIENT POPULATION: Adults – Infectious Disease/RespiratoryRATIO: 1:5-6UNIT SYSTEMS: Pyxis, EPIC & SBARREQUIRED SKILLS: BCLS*Aya Offer* – Candidate will be sent to Clinical Review Modified Time:9/12/2022 12:00:00 AM Account Manager: piedmont RM Account Manager Email: piedmontRM@ayahealthcare.com Over Time Multiplier: Over Time Rule: Call Back: Charge: Holiday: Submittal Details: #Tier3 Travel ComplianceNeed 3 weeks/21 calendar days+ at minimum lead time from Booking to Start to account for Credentialing/Compliance.Please only submit to your candidate’s FIRST choice and acknowledge your candidate’s openness or flexibility to other Piedmont locations, units and shifts in the submission emailMust be willing to float, EOW, and holidays as neededCandidates are required to float to Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside as needed. No Exceptions !!!Perm Staff Rule: MUST be away for 1 FULL YEAR from all Piedmont facilities to return as travelerGA or Compact license must be in hand at time of submittalReferences: TWO supervisory references must be on profile at time of submittal; Client does not accept Charge Nurse references.Requested Time Off: MUST be 5-7 days maxMust be able to work 2 of 3 major holidays*VERY IMPORTANT  Candidates must be available to submit core items and complete/schedule labs within 48 hours of signing the contract to ensure an on-time start.Will take local candidates; same BR COVID-19 Vaccine: Required – No Exemptions Flu Vaccine: Unknown